Who We Are

Italian Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates ("IBCD") is an active non-profit private association in Dubai among Italian and U.A.E. companies and businessmen that operate and/or have business relations with Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

The Italian Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates was established in 2003 and is officially acknowledged by the Government of Dubai under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber.

The IBCD works for a common image as well as an active business, cultural and social reference of the Italian style toward the full business community in the UAE.

The IBCD organizes monthly seminars, business networking events, conferences, luncheons, gala dinners directly or in conjunction with key operative economic bodies particularly with the Dubai Chamber and others 65 Business Councils and Business Groups.
The IBCD is composed of members that operate and have a licence in U.A.E. and operates thanks to the membership fees of its registered members. The IBCD promote the Italian companies and enterprenous that have business active operations within the UAE.

Reciprocally, IBCD shall act as a pivotal point for all local companies already in contact with the Italian or Italian related business/industrial world and for all those willing to enter in relationship with it.

IBCD is inviting interested Italian and U.A.E. organizations & professionals to join.

The Italian Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates' Vision:

To support the development of commercial, economic and cultural relations between the two Countries.
To promote the cooperation between the U.A.E and Italy;
To exchange information between U.A.E. and Italian companies;
To organize and support trading and cultural seminars and conferences;
To facilitate the mutual understanding of both people, culture and civilization;
To promote the best image of Italian companies present in the U.A.E.;
To contribute in developing the commercial and economic activities.
To favor bilateral relations between the Countries' Chambers of Commerce and Industry;

Business Councils: The Business Councils were established by Dubai Chamber under the directives of HH the Ruler's office. These Councils represent businessmen, professionals and experts from Dubai-based companies that belong to a certain nationality. The Chamber supervises and helps develop the activities of these Councils. Below is the list of business councils established by Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry:

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