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Mr. Pasquale Della Penna
(TSSC – Harwal Group)

Mr. Giuseppe Salerno
Vice President
(BILCO Middle East)

Mr. Massimo Falcioni
Vice President & General Secretary
(FASE Management Consulting DMCC)

Mr. Daniele Garzia
Vice President & Treasurer
(ERMES Business Administration Services)

Mr. Maurizio Viel
Vice President

Mr. Thomas Paoletti
Vice President
(Studio Paoletti)


Mr. Massimo Perusi
President (2003 – 2004)

Mr. Stefano Ferretti
President (2004 – 2005)

Mrs. Ottavia Molinari
President (2005 – 2011)


Mr. Ali Rashid Lootah
Honorary President
(Chairman of Nakheel)

Mrs. Ottavia Molinari
Honorary President
(Molinari Legal Consultancy)


Mr. Pietro Benvenuti
Honorary Member

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing all the activities of the IBCD, planning future policy, programmes, seminars, conferences, speakers, events and promotion of other matters of interest to the Business Council. The Board of Directors is available as first point of contact for the members and anyone wishing to be in contact with the IBCD, whether this is to join as member or discuss issues or projects of common interest.

The President:

Senior committee member responsible for chairing all committee meetings and driving the committee to deliver the goals and objectives of the IBCD. The President shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the IBCD and shall represent the IBCD in external relations, although such representation may be delegated to other members of the committee as he/she considers appropriate in circumstances. The President shall preside over the IBCD finances and shall set standards and expectations for leadership and deliverables.

The Vice-Presidents

Senior committee member/s designated to provide support to the President to ensure that at an operational level, the agreed deliverables and targets are met by the committee. The Vice-President shall provide advice and assistance in the management of committee functions, including the development of policies, determination of priorities and establishment of IBCD goals and objectives.

The Treasurer

Senior committee member responsible for the financial affairs of the IBCD, ensuring that the books of account are maintained to a professional standard and that sufficient funds are maintained to operate the Council. The Treasurer shall ensure in close cooperation with the President that an appropriate financial policy framework is in place to guide the IBCD’s decision making and shall perform other duties and responsibilities assigned by the President.

Honorary Members

  • The Ambassador of Italy to the United Arab Emirates
  • The Consul General of Italy In Dubai
  • The Italian Trade Commissioner (I.T.A.)
  • The Presidents of other Italian Business Councils present in the Country that cooperate with the with I. B. C. D.
  • Any other member so elected by the General Assembly I. B. C. D.
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